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to Help empower dog owners by encouraging research & education on canine nutrition, health, & wellness.

Let's face it -- there is a lot of conflicting and disturbing information out there when it comes to "proper" nutrition, health, and wellness for our dogs. Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes it comes from the internet, a TV show, social media, our veterinary professional, or just an acquaintance or friend. It is overwhelming, confusing, and contradictory. Where do we start? Who do we trust?

Well, that is my story too. I was confused, overwhelmed, and felt powerless. I did not know what to believe or who to trust and my questions and concerns were ongoing and unanswered. So, I embarked on a journey of my own -- with my own diet --specific to me, my body, and my needs and goals....and, well, the same for my dogs (however they eat consistently better than I do!). In January of 2015 when I got my first LUA Dalmatian from Woodwynd Dalmatians I was lucky enough to have a breeder at my fingertips who I trusted and would take time to explain things to me to enable my own journey of research. 

Knowledge is power. Too many times I was at the mercy of someone else (usually a professional) who had more knowledge than I did (in their field) and wanted to pressure me into making a decision at that moment. Because I was not educated on benefits or alternatives, I trusted them to make the decision for me. I did not have the right information on the circumstances at hand. I did not have appropriate questions to ask or concerns to acknowledge. Please empower yourself with information to enable yourself to make educated decisions to help advocate for your dog. It is unfortunate we cannot always trust the information or recommendations given to us. Circumstances will always vary, but when we are caught without the facts and misunderstand our options...we are vulnerable. 

Nutrition is not a job, it is just a passion. I enjoy reading books, case studies, blogs, internet articles, and following individuals with much more knowledge and experience than myself. Every day there is something new to learn. Every day someone is facing a new challenge.

Let this be inspiration to embark on a journey of your own...