today i went walking with a friend

as i sit here typing this, i am eating an ice cream cone. i am aware it is not good for me. i am aware it is processed, full of sugar, and inflammatory. however, i am a human and i think it is safe to say we may have somewhat of an emotional connection with food. regardless, i KNOW what i am putting into my body and the affects (long term or short) it has on me. i think we could all agree that ice cream is not particularly beneficial to us. maybe a sugar spike, sugar crash and it is making me feel good. but is it really?

at the same time i sit here eating this dessert i am watching the clock waiting for the crossfit games open workout to be announced (oh good it has started). i am also into fitness. (although by my eating habits it is clear they are not inline with trying to make me a better athlete or healthier to hit any of my personal goals i have set for myself). 

unfortunately for dogs, they do not have a choice of what they get to eat. they get what is put in front of them (or what they steal off the counter). maybe your dog eats right away, maybe not. maybe it takes a few days or a few hours before they touch their food. either way, most dogs know how to survive and they will eat whatever that option may be when they get hungry enough. for a human it is clear that fresh, whole foods are certainly the best option. of course even the sourcing of our foods is important (grass fed vs corn, pesticides or insecticides used etc). well, go figure, the same is true for a dog. and of course, different health concerns have different needs. different types of people (athletes, non-athletes, etc have different caloric and nutritional needs). 

ground meat and cottage cheese with a raw meaty bone and fish it really THAT odd?

ground meat and cottage cheese with a raw meaty bone and fish it really THAT odd?

today i went walking with a friend. not a dog friend...just a friend. someone i have known for the last 20 years of my life. she told me as we were walking how bad she felt feeding her dogs kibble after seeing what i post on facebook and what my dogs get to eat. i was actually shocked she said this because most of my friends tell me how gross my raw dog food posts are. (so, that is why I have TRIED to back the camera away a can thank them). 

however, point being, i do not make posts about feeding your dog fresh, whole foods to make you feel bad. i do not post to brag about how well my dogs eat or to try to convince you to get your dogs to eat better. i am not trying to tell you i think all commercially processed kibble is crap (even though I pretty much do). it just isn't why i do it. 

i do it because there is a lot of misinformation out there. there are a lot of myths. there are things that really get under my skin. i am passionate about canine health and wellness. i have seeing diet changes in people and in dogs work wonders. the issue i have is we seem to know when WE are eating something bad (just like this ice cream cone), but we seem to be clueless when we give something to our dogs. i do not know about you, but the older i get the more i tend to turn the box around on the shelf to see what is in it. we know there are some ingredients we should absolutely stay away from...and the same is true for our dogs. 

nowadays i tend to just walk the perimeter of the store. i check out what proteins are available and then i hike over to the fruits and veggies. truly WE do not need much else (of course everyone is different and then there is the supplement side of things). BUT some fresh, whole foods for us is better than none...and of course the same is true for dogs. ok, but do not be fooled if i just walked the perimeter i would not have this ice cream. it takes work!

for those who are offended or think my posts are controversial or don't make sense, i really cannot help you if you do not want to be helped. for those who do, i am happy to help in any way i can. there are a lot of great resources out there to gain information and knowledge on this topic (for dog and human). 

at the end of the day I am not trying to push anything on anyone. i am just wanting to encourage everyone to get the facts straight. do your own research. know what you are giving to your dog and why. learn how their digestive tract works and what their nutritional needs are. i am not saying your dog cannot survive off of a different way - i survive off of plenty of foods that do nothing for me. 

as a little test i am going to dedicate myself to a bit of change. taking pictures of what i personally eat on a regular basis and changes i notice when i make these changes. it will be tough. but it also will be real. if eating well makes a difference for me, it will certainly make a difference for your dog. 

sooooo...what are you waiting for!?