Balance Over Time

AM Meal
- gizzards (raw feeding miami)
- chicken trim (raw feeding miami)
- fish oil (b-naturals)
- immune blend (b-naturals)


Let me ask you this: day in and day out how worried are you about making sure your diet is totally balanced? do you track your macros or weigh your food? do you eat paleo? do you love processed sugar or fast food? are you eating for performance in the gym or a sport you play? are you eating to help with diabetes or weight loss? regardless of your goals, in most cases we balance over time, or over the course over a few meals. we try to not only eat what we want, but also what our bodies need (proper nutrients, whatever in your opinion that is). 

i'm guessing regardless of the way you choose to eat (or what you are addicted to is more like it!) you are still alive (and hopefully well) reading this post. for most of us our diets are not spot on with minimal slip ups like a high performance athletes may be. we try to do our best and balance over time. it should be no surprise that it is OK if we do the same thing for our canine companions. 

if you neglect to try to balance over time perhaps you are unaware of how your food choices are affecting you. after all, you're alive, right? i guarantee i would be able to eat moe's and coldstone on a regular basis (some of my favorites!) and in the big scheme of things i would be "just fine." but i am sure you can only imagine what those choices would be doing to my body. would there be a direct link to health problems down the line to my diet? perhaps. i am sure the physical changes would be quite visible. there is no doubt there are emotional eaters out there, but sometimes we carry that emotion over to our dogs. the number of overweight and obese dogs i see due to people "feeling bad" their dog is hungry is out of this world.


this morning when i woke up i decided to feed my sugar addiction and i made myself chocolate chip pancakes. processed food. good for me? no. am i still here? yes. do i want to make better choices? absolutely! i know what i put into my body affects the way i feel, how i sleep, and how i perform at the gym. i also have physical affects such as bloating, inflammation (lower back pain), the taste in my mouth, etc. now, if i ate this way every single day and had no idea what it was to feel *amazing* from eating clean, i probably would not care. so to feed our dogs a diet that, well, just keeps them is time to think about how we can help them thrive. being proactive instead of reactive is key.

my dad is a good example. he is diabetic. it runs in the males in my family. he does not eat well and he enjoys a captain and coke on occasion (i mean how else do you make it through a freezing cold wisconsin winter!). he takes multiple medications and really does not like to just take walks for the sake of taking walks. he is not overweight, but by no means he is as healthy as he should be or could be. he is reactive instead of proactive. he allows himself a bad diet because he feels the medications counter balance his choices. he has a lot of inflammation and he aches. if he took the time to change up his diet for his overall health and well-being, big improvements would be made. he could get off those medications and feel so much better! if he had the desire to change and just take a walk to try to to be the healthiest version of him. but as we all know, you cannot change people. and if he WANTED to change, he still would need to educate himself on how to make better choices. 

so, this is my challenge. are you the healthiest version of you? i am not. are your dogs the healthiest version they could be? do you want to educate yourself on making a difference? just like my post from yesterday...start small and big changes will come your way. simply just adding fresh food to your dog's kibble is the start of something beautiful. no need to get crazy with a wide variety. just, balance over time.

PM Meal
- ground duck with bone (raw feeding miami)
- turkey neck (raw feeding miami)
- fish oil (b-naturals)
- plain yogurt (publix)