What's For Dinner?

PM Meal
- turkey neck (raw feeding miami)
- ground duck with bone (raw feeding miami)
-cottage cheese (publix)
- fish oil capsule (b-naturals)


it certainly seems that beginning to raw feed many still have the question of where to start. three years ago i do recall being confused and overwhelmed about how to feed raw. i was scared about feeding raw meat (there are SO many myths) and was certainly VERY uneducated about what a proper diet was for my personal dogs. since then, it has not only become easy, but also enjoyable and educating.

in my opinion the easiest way to start (without wasting your current kibble) is to simply cut back the amount of kibble you are feeding and add in a basic ground meat from the grocery store (chicken, turkey, or beef). if your dog is a grazer, i would mix the meat in well with the kibble. if the dog still chooses not to eat, even with the fresh food added in, i would pick up the bowl and put in the fridge within 10 minutes. i am not a fan of free-feeding regardless, so always encourage picking up the bowl if a dog does not eat anyway. 

you can also add in some additional items. perhaps a spoonful of cottage cheese, plain yogurt, pulverized veggies/fruits, etc. if you visit "prey of the day" on this website there are some idea. that being said, the main part of your dog's diet should be animal protein as that is what a dog needs. 

so, this is step 1. give it a try. head to your grocery store, grab some ground meat, and simply mix it in! once you become comfortable with this you can think about pre-made commercial raw diets (patties, nuggets, bulk logs) or a DIY method.