Meal Prep

As of June, I started ordering 55lbs of raw food every 1-1.5 months from Raw Feeding Miami. I found that it is pretty easy to have food delivered straight to my doorstep and it takes a lot less thinking when I head to the grocery store trying to figure out what is for me...and what is for them. I also love the variety that is offered. Generally my order is 50% muscle/organ and 50% raw meaty bones. If I decide to pulverize any fruits/veggies, or add in any cottage cheese or sweet potatoes, I just do it as I go.

While typically I would thaw a few items at a time and rotate amongst that variety for the week I wanted to do something that would allow MORE variety and less thinking when it came time to feeding time. After traveling to North Carolina and Maryland for two weeks in August and having to pre-package and meal prep before my road trip I decided I would thaw out the entire 55lbs and pre-package in zip lock bags and re-freeze. I could take out 3-5 days per dog at one time and all I would have to do would be empty in their bowl in the AM and PM. 

While it did take me a few hours to pre-package (and weigh) has been well worth it. Had I done this BEFORE Hurricane Irma hit, I would have had all my meals planned out and I would not have had to utilize commercial raw. Not to mention, if I needed someone else to feed for me they could have just grabbed the appropriately labelled bag. 

So, go ahead...give it a try! Click on the logo below and save 10% on your first order!