Welcome Everyone!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining me on my newly designed website which I have created out of my passion for nutrition. I hope to inspire and encourage many dog owners and individuals to empower themselves by doing research and educating themselves on canine nutrition, health, and wellness. I will cite sources and do my best to lead individuals to resources that I trust and have been verified. 

There were too many times throughout the course of my dog's life where I was caught in a scenario where I had no knowledge and no answers. A time when I was not sure who I could turn to for advice besides the only person in front of me. Some of the challenges I faced led me to start beating issues to death until I had all alternatives in my head and understood what my options were.

Unfortunately...times have changed and it is probably best to do research on our own, ask questions, and jump to our own conclusions when circumstances arise. Of course it is absolutely imperative we have professionals to bounce ideas off of (and hopefully can trust) - but it is also important we have all of the facts and our beliefs understood as well. 

The "Dog Bowl" will be the area where I post some menu items I am feeding my own dogs, changes I see, challenges I face, conditioning and wellness exercises we perform, and more.